Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Fred Thompson on "Hannity and Colmes", Campaigns in Iowa

Talk about renewed confidence...

Alan Colmes: "I want to give you a chance to do a hand show, are you in the mood for that today, or not?"

Fred Thompson: "Alan, I'm not raising my hand until Chief Justice John Roberts swears me in."

That's what I want to hear. Here's some more stuff on Fred...

Fred as quoted in The Des Moines Register: "I'm not sure where some of these other guys are. When I read that Mr. Huckabee believes that if we played nice with other people they'd like us, (that) causes me to consider whether he understands the world that we live in."

From CNN: "His red meat speeches are redder. His arguments for why he should be president are sharper."

As I said, almost makes you think this whole situation with Thompson was planned a long time ago, as to keep Fred from being targeted as the frontrunner the way Giuliani, Romney, and now Huckabee have been bullseyed. If that's the case, that's smart campaign strategy. This quote from a separate Des Moines Register article speaks volumes about the endorsement from Rep. Steve King.

"On Monday, he picked up the surprise endorsement of Congressman Steve King. Of all the endorsements flying around these days, that one could move the most numbers. It sends a powerful signal from one of Iowa's most conservative leaders to others on the right around the state: We've now got a horse we can ride..."

Thompson's emerging surge should change up the Iowa caucus quite a bit.

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