Saturday, December 15, 2007

Grassroots Efforts Pay Off for Fred in VA

Fred Thompson will be in the Virginia primary ballot, having collected the 10,000 signatures necessary to qualify.

Actually, they collected 15,549 signatures, and I had heard from quite a few of those "in the know" that they surpassed the 10,000 signature mark a few weeks ago.

Congratulations to the Thompson grassroots workers in Virginia, your efforts have paid off!


J. Tyler Ballance said...

Yes, congrats to "Old Fred Thompson" but let's also congratulate Ron Paul who submitted over 2 1, 0 0 0 signatures.

Let's congratulate Ron Paul who THUMPED the rest of the field, winning the VIRGINIA straw poll, including "Old Fred."

The biggest congratulations of all go to the MILLIONS of citizens, many of whom are new to political activism, who have joined the Ron Paul Revolution this year. Thanks to the millions of PAULISTINIANS, Ron Paul's message of Liberty, Freedom and returning our government back to within its Constitutional limits is reaching hundreds of millions of citizens.

Freedom is very popular:

Phil Chroniger said...

Right...let's also consider the fact that once the Thompson camp had collected more than enough signatures, they turned their focus towards something other than flooding straw polls and trolling blogs.

like promoting the man with the most detailed and "meaty" policies and positions, and not just rhetoric and talk about eliminating most government without any plan to do so.

Ron Paul would be a much more viable option to me if he would actually provide some elaboration on how he plans to inplement all of the changes he has talked about doing.

I certainly can't rely on his Congressional record...because he simply does not show up for many votes.

Ron Paul is certainly an intelligent man who strikes me as one who loves his nation very much, and he seems to be very amiable personally...but he's offered a mile-wide amount of ideas with only about an inch of depth to them, so far.

Freedom is very popular, I'll agree with that...that's why I vote Fred Thompson.

Plus, "Old Fred"? Ron Paul is older than Fred.