Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Special Election Results and Reaction

Coincidentally, this is my 500th Post for Now At The Podium, let's see if we can celebrate the 500th post with a win for Podium-endorsed candidate Rob Wittman. Results courtesy of the Virginia State Board of Elections.

7:11 - First 4 precincts report, all from Spotsylvania, Wittman has early lead of 461 votes over Forgit...too bad we've got 205 precincts to go.

7:15 - 10 precincts in (they're fast this year), Wittman up by 798 votes.

7:18 - 19 precincts reporting, Wittman is already up 1392 votes, which is more than double Forgit's votes so far.

7:20 - Forgit wins his first precinct out of 25 reporting...absentee ballots in Hampton City, 18-16. Congrats.

7:25 - 46 of 209, or 22% of all precincts reporting. Wittman is up 65%-33% on Forgit, and Lucky Narain has managed to capture only 1.45% of the vote...so much for that supposedly "great GOTV effort from disgruntled Republicans" that would cause Narain to play spoiler to Wittman.

7:29 - I can't find anything on the results of Ohio's 5th CD. If you have anything, post it in the comments below.

7:33 - 34% of precincts reporting, Wittman is up 3,866 votes, the margin is 63%-35%-2% for Wittman. I'm calling this one right now so I can wrap up my day.


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