Thursday, December 13, 2007

Upon Further Review, Fred Really Won Yesterday's Debate...

I watched the replay of the Iowa GOP Debate last night on C-SPAN2, and Fred put up a VERY impressive performance. Here's some highlights for you...

- Fred explained that his plan for Social Security will save it for both people in the present and people in the future, as well as saving the nation $4 Trillion...that's a big claim, and I don't think he would make such a statement if he didn't believe his plan would work. His plan is also the most detailed of any candidate out there at this time.

- Mitt Romney talked about how he doesn't worry about the taxes that the rich pay, and went on to talk about middle-class tax cuts. Thompson responds with "my goal is to reach Mitt Romney's situation where I don't have to worry about taxes." Mitt quickly responds "my goal is to reach your situation," and Fred shoots back "well, you're getting to be a pretty good actor." Excellent stuff and I like the fact that these two managed to trade barbs and do it with a bit of good-natured humor.

- Thompson's statement "when our worst enemy is at the negotiating table, thinking about the worst things they can do to America, who do you want sitting on our end of the table?" That was a poignant moment in the debate and you definitely saw a fire in the man's eyes.

- When the stick-in-the-mud moderator asked for a show of hands on global warming beliefs, Thompson said "I'm not doing a show of hands". When the moderator asked if that was a yes or a no, Thompson asked "Are you going to give me a minute to answer the question?", the moderator said "no", Thompson then responds "Then I'm not going to answer it". Even my wife, a tentative Giuliani supporter, agreed that Thompson really showed some strength and independence there.

- Alan Keyes responded to the global warming question by going on a long rant where he talks about the people, how we should vote for those who are not elitists, find a candidate who actually represents you, blah blah blah...Thompson retorts with "and that's Alan Keyes' stance on global warming."

I was very impressed with Fred really just "being Fred".


Shaun Kenney said...

You know what I think:

I think Fred Thompson "gave up" somewhere in the campaign and said "to hell with it, I'm going to go out and have a good time".

Lo and behold, he is.

Lo and behold, his numbers are rising.

Lo and behold, people are starting to remind themselves of why they liked him so much.

...and maybe Thompson is remembering the dynamic of why he wanted to run in the first place.

With Dukakabee and Romney bashing one another, that typically leaves room for someone to walk in between and pick up the pieces.

Could have been McCain, or Paul. But the guy whose doing it? Fred Dalton Thompson.

Phil Chroniger said...

That's what I've been waiting for Fred to do, give up trying to be a "presidential candidate" and just "be Fred". That's what Thompson supporters liked in the first place.

If he can pull a solid 3rd (or better?) in Iowa, and win South Carolina, this GOP race will be turned upside down.