Thursday, December 13, 2007

That Time of Year: Snow Storm Smacks Northeast

It's a pretty bad one, dropping as much as 12 inches or more in cities such as Boston and Hartford. The storm is blamed for 33 deaths in the Midwest, and now it is smacking areas from Pennsylvania all the way up into New England. There are reports of snow falling at a rate of 1-3 inches per hour, and numerous accidents and cancelled or delayed flights all over the Northeast.

Another storm is expected to visit Mid-Atlantic states this weekend, bringing snow and ice with it.

If you're heading up north and/or returning this weekend, tread the roads carefully as the weather is bad up north right now, and is expected to be bad by the end of the weekend here in Virginia.

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James Young said...

I was in Hartford for a trial last week. A quarter inch of ice didn't phase them, but 12 inches of snow seems excessive.

Global warming at work!