Tuesday, December 11, 2007

1st CD Special Election is TODAY!!!

Voters of the 1st Congressional District, get out there and vote for the right choice. Vote for someone who has experience representing you in the General Assembly. Vote for the best candidate running to continue the legacy of Jo Ann Davis.

Voters of the 1st Congressional District, vote Rob Wittman for Congress!


Anonymous said...

Eric Cantor may be a genius but you sure are not.

It's CONGRESS, you idiot, CONGRESS!

Phil Chroniger said...

Well thank you for ever-so-politely pointing that out to me.

This is what I get for reading about Gilmore's run at the Senate while typing a post.

Fixed...but why are you posting anonymously? Why don't you want me to know who called me an idiot? I'm a grown man, I can take it.