Friday, December 14, 2007

Wow, Bob McDonnell's Got Some Support!

They really let it be known that the current Attorney General of Virginia and probable Gubernatorial candidate (I say probable, as he's all but guaranteed a run), is their man for Governor in 2009. My comments section had quite a few McDonnell supporters providing me reasons why McDonnell is a better choice for the Republicans than current Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling.

One post in the comments section suggested that Bolling will try to keep the LG's seat in 2009. A bit odd to assume that, since usually LG's want to move beyond that post once they've ascended to that position.

However, I have to assume that despite the respect both men hold in the eyes of the GOP, Bob McDonnell is the definite early favorite for the GOP nomination. The reason, from the McDonnell supporters, seems to be that McDonnell has stepped up and been a leader and more vocal about his stand on issues, whereas Bolling has not been has vocal and upfront on his various stances and has not shown as much in the way of "leadership" qualities to many people.


Anonymous said...

Sure, Bob McDonnell's gotta be the favorite over Bill Bolling, but what about George Allen? Isn't he going to be a factor?

Harry Landers

Phil Chroniger said...

Honestly, I don't know if the RVA is ready to go down that path right now.

Then again, we're talking about 2009...things between the state of Virginia and George Allen seem to be simmering down, so maybe by '09 "macaca" won't matter. However, at this very moment, I can't see Allen running at this point.

64E said...

Go Bob Go!

I really hope he runs, and i think he's got a great shot at winning.