Thursday, December 13, 2007

Could Someone Help Me Decide Between Bolling and McDonnell?

Honestly, I'm not sure which Republican I like better as a gubernatorial candidate in 2009.

Right now, it looks like the two potential candidates are Attorney General Bob McDonnell and Lieutenant Governor Bob Bolling.

I know Creigh Deeds announced today, but that got me thinking about the two top names on the GOP side. I'm just not sure between Bolling and McDonnell.

Can anyone make a case for either the Lt. Gov or the AG?


Vivian J. Paige said...

You left off the third name: George Allen. And if he gets in the race, I fully expect Bill Bolling will drop out.

Doesn't help you with your problem, I know.

GOPHokie said...

Bolling will likely stay in the LG post, so you will have to choose between McDonnell and George Allen.

Phil Chroniger said...

Right now, I'd prefer McDonnell or Bolling over Allen. Nothing against George Allen, but right now the GOP needs an infusion of fresh blood at higher levels of government.

I left off George Allen because there isn't nearly as much talk about Allen as there has been about Bolling and McDonnell.

I'm looking for someone to give me a comparison between the two. As far as I can tell, it seems that McDonnell is more of a SoCon first, and Bolling is more of a fiscal conservative first.

Given their current positions, though, I'd imagine that an AG's fiscal ideals wouldn't be "front and center", and a LG should be more focused with the economy, taxes, etc...

Anonymous said...

McDonnell's significant record of accomplishment, and positive vision for the future is no match for Bolling's lack of leadership and his 100 non-ideas for Virginia. Bob McDonnell has the record and the vision that Virginians will rally around. We are looking forward to 2009. McDonnell is by far the front-runner for 2009.

Anonymous said...

McDonnell's significant record of accomplishment, and positive vision for the future, is no match for Bolling's 100 non-ideas for Virginia.

Bob McDonnell has the record and the vision that Virginians will rally around.

Looking forward to 2009!

Smithie said...

McDonnell has the geographic base: from Northern Virginia, raised his family in Virginia Beach.

He has the great personal story: a veteran(10% of Virginians are veterans), a Catholic, would be the first Catholic Republican Governor in Virginia history.

He has the accomplishments: Sexual predator laws, internet safety reforms, eminent domain reform, anti-gang efforts, work with food banks, environmental protection work, mental health leadership etc etc and will be able to reach out to moderates and independents. He has the story, the base, the issues and the personality to win in 2009, and Republicans desperately need a candidate like him if they want to win back the Governor's Mansion.

This is why you see his profile rising dramatically recently, its clear McDonnell has all the pieces of the puzzle coming together to win back the Mansion for the GOP. The mood at the Advance was that in McDonnell the GOP may have "the" candidate for 2009.

Virginian for FDT said...

Based on McDonnell's policy positions, record as a Delegate in the General Assembly and as Virginia's Attorney General. I believe Bob McDonnell is someone you should support for Governor in 2009. I believe Bob's winning traits can be summed up by the 3 points in the Craig Morgan country song: God, Family and Country.

As a God-fearing man and fellow Catholic, the AG has reached out to those less fortunate in the City of Richmond and other various locales throughout the Commonwealth and actually acted to do something rather only talked about the hunger problem by focusing on efforts to keep the shelves full at our local Virginia Food Banks. You all may want to donate food in January. Usually, Food Banks are totally cleared out after the Holidays.

The AG has a beautiful family and if you every meet his lovely wife and children in person, you will understand that there is nothing but trust, love and loyalty in the McDonnell household.

As a member of the U.S. Army active and reserve for over 20 years and now with his daughter Jeanine currently serving in Iraq (I believe) this family has contributed much more than most. Also, the AG has demonstrated over and over again, that he is a champion for keeping Virginia Safe and Strong by fighting gangs, illegal drugs, environmental polluters and violent predators who would prey on our children.

I say Run Bob Run!


red rover said...

Watching the news this week, McDonnell was the only one this week who called for repealing the Jamestown Fee - Kaine wants to keep it. We need leadership like that.

I like both Bolling and McDonnell - they're strong conservatives. However, I've seen more leadership from McDonnell. He always seems willing to tackle tough issues and carry the flag into battle.

Run Bob Run said...

Ditto. McDonnell is the guy we need. He is the only one in the GOP that can beat any dem in 09.

Just my thoughts... said...


The option is pretty clear for me as to the decision between Bolling & McDonnell. I am supporting McDonnell. Why? Besides electability (I think the AG has an edge on the LG here) and a record of accomplishments (I could relist all the things Smithie listed in the comment above), since their elections McDonnell has been a leader for the GOP. He has been quick to act and come up with new ideas or innovations. By contrast, Bolling's legislative agenca, for example, is filled with "projects" championed by others. Bolling merely adds his name as a cheerleader to these jobs, while McDonnell actually goes out and gets the ball rolling. I think this is a key distinction. McDonnell is a proven leader. I like the LG, but I'm not sure he's the right guy for the GOP at this time. He'll be a good "cheerleader" in the role of LG. its a safer bet for us all if he stays in that job. McDonnell is the only one out of the 3 you mentioned who can beat ANY dem currently in contention.