Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Congratulations Rep-Elects Wittman and Latta

A good day for the Republicans, as they hold two vacant seats, including one that Democrats thought was theirs for the taking.

In Virginia, Rob Wittman handily defeated Philip Forgit and Lucky Narain by a margin of 60%-38%-2% and is the new Representative from Virginia's 1st Congressional District. Turnout was in the 19% range, which easily surpasses the turnout projects of 7-14%. Wittman won 20 of 23 cities and counties.

In Ohio, Bob Latta defeated Robin Weirauch 57%-43% to become the new Representative from Ohio's 5th Congressional District, handing Weirauch's 3rd consecutive defeat in running for this seat. Another surprisingly high number of voters, as turnout was at 23.5%, much higher than initially expected due to poor weather conditions in that region. Latta won all 16 counties within the district.

Higher turnout + Larger-than-expected GOP wins = A good sign for the Republican Party.

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