Friday, December 14, 2007

LTE: "Fred Thompson for President"

I wrote this out to several papers, but it's a brief synopsis of why people should vote for Fred Thompson.

There are certain qualities one must possess to become the leader of the free world.

Honor, dignity, intelligence, communication, experience, and sensibility. These are words that are frequently thrown around as labels and descriptions, but are often misapplied incorrectly or applied with great indifference. While there are multiple candidates on both sides of the aisle that possess a number of these qualities, or can claim to possess them all, one candidate stands out above the rest.

That man is Fred Thompson.

The Democrats came into the Congressional majority in 2006 riding a wave of anti-Iraq sentiment and accusations that the Republican majority was nothing but a "culture of corruption". One year later, we have seen the Democrats continue to wave the white flag despite the incredible progress that has been made in Iraq. Also, we have seen corruption and underhanded tactics from the Democratic leaders in both the House and Senate.

If Washington is going to "clean up it's act", we need to elect a leader with a proven record of going after corruption and waste in government. Fred Thompson has shown no partisanship in his pursuits of cleaning up Washington, from serving on the Watergate Committee that investigated and eventually brought down Richard Nixon to being a key part of the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee that investigated the campaign finance controversy of Bill Clinton's regime in 1996, Thompson has long stood for the elimination of corruption in politics.

Thompson stands for efficient government that does not waste taxpayer dollars. He has detailed plans on issues ranging from immigration to Social Security reform.

Most importantly, he believes in federalism, which was also a guiding light of ideology for the founding fathers of our nation. Thompson's federalist beliefs will actually lead to better representation of the people.

For instance, Thompson's federalist beliefs state that issues such as abortion and gay marriage are best left to the states to decide their it allows the people of each state to decide whether or not they want it to be legal.

Federal government should only exercise its authority on issues that affect most, if not all, Americans. That's another one of Thompson's strengths, as his strong stances on national defense, lower taxes for American citizens, and the economy are some of the most detailed and plausible of any candidate for President within the past two decades.

He supports the War on Terror, but also knows that military force alone cannot win this war. He plans to use diplomacy and negotiation, as long as it is still a reasonable option, to deal with those who harbor anti-American interests.

If you support sound foreign policy, smart economic practices, lower taxes, strong stances against illegal immigration, and cleaner government that works more efficiently...then you have to look no further than Fred Thompson for President.


Clairese Lippincott said...

Old Fred Thompson, like Old Bob Dole, is well liked among the illiterati and dittoheads. He represents no new ideas, so the habitual Republican will vote for him, but that is all.

If Republicans run that dull old man, the election will be a repeat of the Dole disaster. Thompson should skip this middle step and go straight to the Viagra ads.

Americans on both sides of the political aisle are begging for someone who will reign-in federal power, especially the power of our imperial presidency, that has been so thoroughly abused by Bush.

Congressman Ron Paul is the man who I see will bring us back to a limited federal government and who, by killing off useless federal bureaucracies, like the Dept. of Ed. will allow more resources to be kept by the states and by the individual to address social and economic needs closer to their own community.

Old Fred Thompson for Viagra rep.
Ron Paul for President!

If you want to learn more about Ron Paul's freedom-based platform:

Phil Chroniger said...

That's right, Federalism is not a "new" idea, is an idea that helped to frame the constitution, something Ron Paul upholds so dearly.

Illiterati? I think not, my friend. You Ron Paulites would have a much better friend in Fred Thompson than someone like, oh, Mike Huckabee.

However, it seems your passion for Paul blinds your intelligence to the situation.