Thursday, December 13, 2007

I'm Not The Only One Who Thinks Fred Won Yesterday...

Let's see who else agrees with me about Fred's performance...

- Dean Barnett of the Weekly Standard: "THE WINNER was Fred Thompson. Fred came to play. He also had the obvious moment of the day when he took on the officious moderator, refusing to go along with one of those idiotic "raise your hands" questions. Given the hour that the debate took place, a lot of people will probably see only a highlight package of the debate. The unquestioned highlight was Fred slapping down the moderator. Even putting that aside, Fred had his best day of the campaign. He was serious, thoughtful, and authoritative. It was a wonderful day for him."

"Fred Thompson had a big moment when he took on that moderator, and refused to play by her idiotic rules. That moment, and his overall performance, may well reignite his campaign."

- Rich Lowry of National Review: "Fred: Was unflappable, funny, and used his theme of "truth telling" very effectively. Standing up to the moderator was a memorable moment that will be talked about a lot. He deflated Romney a bit with his lines about being rich enough not worry about taxes and his comeback in the exchange with Mitt that Romney is becoming a good actor. This performance should help in Iowa where he is focusing now and is in third place according to the RCP average. " (note: Lowry pretty much placed Fred as finishing in "2nd Place" behind Romney, but since Lowry is chief editor and the National Review editors decided to endorse Romney...)

- Byron York of National Review: "Thompson, and Thompson alone, had stood up to the silliness that can characterize even self-styled serious-minded debates like the one conducted by the Register. Thompson scored again when he made effective points about entitlement reform, about the role of the National Education Association in blocking education reform, and about presidential leadership."

- Jim Geraghty of National Review: "Winner: Thompson."

- Carol Hunter of the Des Moines Register: "Sen. Thompson has a way of cutting to the heart of an issue."

- David Yepsen of the Des Moines Register: "Thompson, a former Tennessee senator, was specific, good-humored and exuded an executive persona,"

Check out the video recap courtesy of FRed States.

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