Monday, November 19, 2007

Endorsement for the 1st Congressional District Special Election

Well, the original Podium-endorsed candidate, James Atticus Bowden, did not quite make it far enough to be nominated (although, he did make it pretty far). So, after reviewing the records of GOP nominee Rob Wittman and Dem nominee Phil Forgit, the Podium has decided to endorse Rob Wittman for the 1st Congressional District of Virginia.

Reminder to readers from the 1st Congressional District, your special election is on December 11th.

Wittman currently is making fiscal responsibility and 2nd Amendment rights some of his top issues. He also supports stronger border security and tougher stances against illegal aliens. His support of the Bush tax cuts is also a fiscal strongpoint.

Go support the next Congressman from the state of Virginia, Rob Wittman!

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