Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Further Speculation About Chris Saxman

An article in today's Daily News-Record talks about Chris Saxman's possible run at the GOP nomination for John Warner's soon-to-be open seat. Jim Gilmore is currently the only Republican that has announced their candidacy.

James Madison University political science professor Robert Roberts was quoted in the article as stating that Saxman makes sense as a candidate, and that if Gov. Tim Kaine continues to have issues with the state budget, it would have a negative effect on assumed Democratic candidate Mark Warner, and Saxman could be able to place a sizeable amount of blame on Warner for contributing to current budget issues because of his policies during his term as Governor.

Especially since Saxman has been an advocate of cost-cutting and lower taxes...neither of which was part of Mark Warner's agenda as Governor. Should budget issues continue, Saxman may have a silver bullet in his arsenal.

However, Saxman may also have another rocket booster for his potential campaign.

He recently joined John Warner as co-chair of John McCain's presidential campaign in Virginia. Despite some grumbling from the hard-right about Warner's blasting of the Virginia GOP for refusing to be a "big tent", Warner remains a popular figure amongst most Republicans and Independents in Virginia.

With Saxman working so closely with Warner, he could win an endorsement from the outgoing statesman...which would be a huge boost for Saxman and a large obstacle for both Jim Gilmore and Mark Warner both to overcome.

Although it's probably meaningless at this point, right now Saxman is beating Gilmore by a vote of 33-5 in a poll at

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Anonymous said...

Saxman is a nice guy but he doesn't have the background or credentials to face off against Mark Warner. He doesn't have statewide name ID or support. We can't put Saxman up or we will lose.