Friday, November 23, 2007

Giuliani in Fred's Crosshairs

Fred Thompson was campaigning in Bristol, New Hampshire today. While making a stop at a local gun store, Fred had some critical words for Rudy Giuliani.

"(Giuliani) simply supported just about every gun control legislation that came down the pike. And I just disagree with him on that.... over the years and he's been very outspoken about it. Of course he's not outspoken about it anymore," Thompson told reporters with a smile. "It's a major differentiation. He relates everything to New York City ... Well, New York City is not emblematic of the rest of the country.

He does make an excellent point. While Rudy did manage a very large economy in New York City, and was an excellent mayor and strong leader during the post-9/11 recovery, New York is not representative of America as a whole. Rudy has also been very quiet about his past viewpoints on gun control, although I think that is partially due to Rudy knowing that gun control plays better to New York voters than it does to voters in places like the midwest and the deep south.

I don't quite have the problems with Rudy that other people do, and I actually like the man, but Rudy is only the 2nd best option for me.

That's because I support Fred Thompson.

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