Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Revelation On My Part

We, as bloggers/pundits/political observors always talk about who candidates "target". Who are they trying to win support from. We talk about "well, if they can win the vote of Group X, blah blah blah..."

We also tend to jump on a candidate we support early, and stick with them. Rarely do we switch support unless primary results, campaign drop-outs, scandals, or some other major event comes along and shakes things up.

However, I've recently discovered that I'm being targeted for my vote by two GOP presidential candidates in a way that I haven't been targeted before. I've noticed it in my own blog postings, in reading/viewing campaign ads and listening to supporters of other candidates.

Lately, I've been feeling like Rudy Giuliani and Ron Paul have a hold on each one of my arms, and are pulling very hard. It seems that both Rudy and Ron have done a good job of at least attempting to court voters like myself, who are more fiscally-motivated rather than socially-motivated (even with Rudy courting the socially conservative vote, as well).

My worries with Ron Paul lie on a national defense level. I'm a bit worried that his anti-war bent also means a reduction in national security. I'm also a bit worried that Paul would take things one step too far, too quickly in terms of how he would change income tax laws and the federal reserve.

My worries with Rudy lie in trying to decipher how fiscally conservative he is. He is often painted as a moderate, or even a liberal, but is that due to his social issue stances or do his fiscal stances play a part in this depiction? As for his 2nd Amendment stances, I believe his gun-control advocacy as Mayor of New York won't come into play nearly as much if he was President.

However, just as I begin to think "maybe I should reconsider who I support", I see things in Fred Thompson that reinforce why I believe in the man. However, I can't deny that I'm feel like I'm being courted by not only Thompson, but Rudy and Ron Paul as well. This speaks volumes about all of these candidates involved.

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