Monday, November 19, 2007

Stem Cell Revelation: Human Embryos Not Needed

Well, this bit of news certainly should kill the left-wings calls for embryonic stem cell research using human embryos, which means that the Dems lose on this one. When those who opposed it said "there have to be other ways to create stem cells, and we should pursue those ways", they weren't just blowing anti-abortion smoke.

Professor Ian Wilmut, famous for leading the team that successfully cloned sheep and gave us "Dolly" back in 1997, has decided not to pursue a license to clone human embryos.

Why? Simple, they're no longer needed.

Professor Shinya Yamanaka of Kyoto University in Japan has discovered a way to create human embryo stem cells without the need to create life for the purpose of eventually destroying it. They have discovered a way to revert adult cells back to embryonic form.

Wilmut believes that this is the future of stem cell research, and Wilmut has decided to support this. The greatest thing about this is that this method of creating stems cells is actually easier and more efficient than fertilizing a human egg just to get the embryo and destroying it.

It is believed that cures for many diseases, as well as methods of repairing damaged tissue from heart attacks, can be found through this stem cell research.

That is research I think we can ALL get behind.

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