Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Somebody does not like John Maxfield.

UPDATE: SWAC Girl asked that I remove this post because she does not find it prudent to provide free publicity to someone who would stoop so low in their discourse.

I originally planned to simply let this obvious slander-blog stand on it's own merits (decrepit or otherwise) and let you, the people, decide what you think about it. However, SWAC Girl did inspire me to provide my own thoughts.

I have my ideological differences with John/Alex/Whatever his real name is. I have no problem playing point-counterpoint. Sometimes I agree with him (and the rest of the SWAC Nation). Sometimes I don't.

Anyway, back around primary season and the ensuing months that followed, a serious look at "blogging ethics" took place. I received a good amount of praise from Virginia Oddsmaker (remember them) for being a bit of a "conscience" to the blogosphere in Virginia (praise I accepted with humility, with a slight bit of pride).

I posted this for the sake of it's simple "newsworthy" appeal to other Virginia bloggers, not because I endorse such a thing. I have no problem discussing, debated, or denouncing issues and positions with people...but at the same time, I do not agree with slander of this nature.

I would not do it to another person myself, and I would be very angry if someone did it to me. I'm leaving this link available so people can see the uglier side of blogging, because unfortunately, it does exist.


SWAC Girl said...

Phil, I don't think it was necessary for you to give credit to an anonymous filthy-mouthed blogger who is unfairly slamming a decent young man.

John has his opinions and some may not agree with them but at least he doesn't use foul language to get his point across. In fact, there are many his age who are up to no good while John is volunteering, working in his church, helping in the community as well as holding down a job and going to college.

It would be nice if this post was pulled.

Phil Chroniger said...

See the "update" I'm adding to this post in a minute...