Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Being a pro-wrestling fan, this caught my eye.

Apparently, one of the greatest wrestlers of all-time is endorsing Mike Huckabee for President. That man is none other than "Nature Boy" Ric Flair...WHOOO!!

You all know who Ric Flair is. He's the "kiss-stealin', wheelin'-and-dealin', limosuine-ridin', jet-flyin' son-of-a-gun."

Huckabee also has the endorsements of rocker Ted Nugent and all-around bad-ass Chuck Norris. How Huckabee, the "nice guy minister", is snatching up endorsements from these pop-culture mainstays is a bit beyond me.

Then again, it's not a real surprise as athletes tend to lean conservative at about the same rate as those in the entertainment industry lean liberal.

Also, Norris is a conservative commentator who I have on my national blogroll. Nugent is a radio-show host as well who is very pro-2nd Amendment. Flair has his own financial company and also is known for having a pretty good insight into subjects like politics.

(h/t Below The Beltway)

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