Friday, December 7, 2007


The Redskins beat the Chicago Bears 24-16 last night. It was a pretty solid win, with the Bears never getting closer than 4 points (14-10, and later 17-13).

However, the Skins also lost Jason Campbell for the rest of the season with a knee injury. However, veteran Todd Collins came into the game in the 2nd quarter and went 15-20 for 224 yards and two TDs. In fact, the Skins' passing game was excellent all-around. Before he left the game, Campbell had gone 10-16 for 100 yards. That's a combined 25-36 and 324 yards...the kind of game any NFL QB would want to have.

Collins, who had not thrown a touchdown pass in the 21st century, looked very good and will hopefully continue to look this good as the Skins attempt to make a run at a wild-card berth in the playoffs.

Urgency may have finally set in with these guys, as they were up 17-13 in the 4th quarter, but has blown so many leads previously. So what did they do? They marched downfield, and threw the ball several times, culimating in a nice Collins dump-off pass to Ladell Betts over the middle for a 16 yard catch-and-run TD.

Clinton Portis found it tough to run against the Bears' stout defense in the freezing cold, only running for 36 yards on 17 carries...but he caught 6 passes for 86 yards (a career high), including a 54 yard catch-and-run that put the Skins inside the Bears' 5 yard line and set up a 1-yard TD run by big Mike Sellers. Portis also missed some time in the 3rd quarter due to stomach illness, which he later attributed to eating some shrimp at a tailgate party as he entered the stadium, because he had not eaten anything all day.

However, the Skins suffered injuries besides Campbell's. Guard Randy Thomas suffered an elbow injury, Portis bruised his hand and was able to return, All-Pro TE Chris Cooley suffered a leg injury but he also returned, and Fred Smoot missed about 1 1/2 quarters due to his leg cramping up in the cold.

Another key point, the Skins only turned the ball over 1 time, they did a good job avoiding the turnovers that plagued them over the past 4 games.

It was a solid performance by Skins, especially the defense. They took the lead right before halftime, and never gave it up. A great tribute to the fallen Sean Taylor, who was buried on Monday.

6-7, and still in the playoff hunt with 3 games to go! Hail to the Redskins!

UPDATE: Jason Campbell's knee does not need surgery, after all. He will be out at least one week (week 15, at the New York Giants), but could possibly be back in either week 16 at Minnesota or week 17 when Dallas comes to town in the regular season finale.

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