Friday, December 7, 2007

The Ron Paul Blimp

You read that right. There is going to be a Ron Paul blimp flying over the skies of the eastern seaboard.

It will launch from Elizabeth City, N.C. on December 10th (this coming Monday), and will arrive on December 16th in Boston...just in time for the 234th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party and the base for Paul's latest "Money Bomb" event, where Paul will attempt to raise $10 million in campaign funds in one day. The blimp will also dump tea ("enough to be symbolic," blimp organizers say) into Boston Harbor to celebrate the anniversary of the historical event.

From the Politico...

Each payment will fund a portion of the $350,000-a-month blimp rental fee and associated costs ($10 pays for 1-minute’s worth of advertising on the blimp, while $1 million buys 10 weeks, according to the website).

The plan also calls for a spotlight truck, remote-controlled blimps trailing the main blimp and paid support staff, as well as the 10-seat blimp, which measures 190-feet long and 60-feet high and until recently was leased to the U.S. Navy.

The odd thing is...Ron Paul's campaign has virtually nothing to do with this blimp. This is an effort undertaken solely by Paul's supporters. Also, they'll be advertising the candidate more than the campaign.

The blimp itself will be affixed with banners asking “Who is Ron Paul” and will urge people to “Google Ron Paul.”

The other side will feature the distinctive “Ron Paul Love Revolution” logo gracing countless pro-Paul web forums and blogs.

“We specifically left off any reference to an election, because most people do not care about politics,” the effort’s website explains.

You have got to hand it to Ron Paul supporters, they come up with the most creative and innovative ideas to push their candidate. If you're interested in seeing the blimp, here is the blimp's itinerary.

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