Thursday, December 6, 2007

Hey Gov, Get Your Party on the Same Page as You!

This week, Governor Kaine was set to state that there would be no tax increases for the upcoming 2008-2010 budget.

Now, Virginia Democrats are set to raise the gas tax by 5 percent (that's 5 percent, not 5 cents). That's not a tax on the rich, that's a tax on everyone. C'mon Governor, didn't you say there were going to be "no tax increases"? If so, why is your party pushing a gas tax increase.

Is this the Dem plan to force conservation? Tax the commuters who just want to go to work and make a decent living. Tax the families that want to visit other members of their family across the state? Tax us all into not driving?

But wait, this proposed tax increase (blame Toddy Puller on this one, she's the chief patron), applies to all fuels. So much for your flex fuel vehicles saving you...they're getting taxed, too!

To use the Democratic Party's battle cry, this tax is UNFAIR to the middle, working, and lower classes!!! But hey, it shouldn't come as any surprise...we already knew that the Dems were the true party of the rich.

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