Tuesday, December 4, 2007

You Know What...

...looks like my initial assumption about the Ron Paul "busgate" incident at the RPV Advance was wrong.

They just took the time and the initiative to show up, whereas people like me did not. Then again, I have a job and a family that I don't really see any time except the weekends, but kudos to them for their efforts and show of support for their candidate.

Now, it should be put out there that there have been allegations and reports of Paulites being bussed in to other straw polls (I remember a big hullabaloo about this during the Ames, Iowa straw poll). That being said, I probably should not have opened my mouth so wide only to partially stick my foot in it (because my jumping on what others said had some historical background to it).

Nonetheless, congrats are due to the Paulites for putting in the effort to "be there" at the Advance.

However, I'm inclined to believe that this was not simply a "lie from Thompson supporters" as some have claimed, because I've heard the same statements from Huckabee and Romney supporters, too.


Anonymous said...

Though shalt not rush to judgment.

Phil Chroniger said...

As most of us pundits tend to do at one point or another.

The Richmond Democrat said...

You are to commended for admitting your mistake Phil. The ability to face up to the truth is a quality that is all too rare these days.