Friday, December 7, 2007

Heisman Will Be Decided Monday

This insane college football season has boiled down to two things. Ohio State vs. LSU and the Heisman Trophy winner. I was kinda rooting for a WVU/Missouri championship game, but alas both teams failed me.

- Right now, I'm hoping and praying LSU wins...I only like Ohio State when they play Michigan :)

- As for the Heisman, Florida Gators QB Tim Tebow should win. Tebow set an all-time NCAA single-season record for rushing TD's by a QB...and he also was excellent through the air, as well. However, even more excellent than Tebow's legs and arm would be his girlfriend. She's hotter than one of Tebow's rocket-powered throws.

Hehe, sorry...I couldn't resist. I have heard (and I'm being honest here) that she is an exceptionally bright woman. Brains, beauty, and a Heisman Trophy...Tim Tebow can't get much luckier than that.

In other sports news...

- This weekend will be the Floyd Mayweather/Ricky Hatton fight. It's a battle of undefeated boxers, Mayweather at 38-0 and Hatton at 43-0. The last time Mayweather was in a "big fight" was when he won a 12-round decision against Oscar de la Hoya (that was a bit of a BS decision, in my opinion and in the opinions of many others). Hatton is a brawling, hard-hitting boxer who has a strong jaw and fears nobody. Mayweather is a slick, stylistic boxer who is a much better "point-scorer" than Hatton. However, Hatton believes that Mayweather has never been hit hard by a puncher like himself, and that he will wear out Mayweather and come out of this bout victorious.

My opinion...Hatton will punk out Mayweather, even though I like both guys. Mayweather hasn't faced anyone like this before, and he won't be able to run forever from Hatton, because once Hatton traps him in a corner, Mayweather will have to face Hatton's sledgehammer-like punches.

- Steelers/Patriots...if the Steelers don't beat the Pats, then New England goes undefeated. Simple as that. Nobody else left will challenge them like Pittsburgh will. I think the Steelers can pull out a win, here.

Then again, I also said that the Colts would hand New England their first loss and that the Redskins would give the Patriots a good game, which shows you what I know.


Lee Corso said...

No doubt, if I had a vote the heisman would go his girlfriend's rack. Immaculate. Most valuable college player(s) by association. And he can't even hit it, because he's vowed celibacy until marriage.

Anonymous said...

Monday? You must be in a time zone two days behind the rest of us.

Phil Chroniger said...

So Tebow wins the Heisman, but I was off on other things.

- Mayweather stops Hatton in the 10th round

- I pegged the Heisman to be awarded on was awarded on Saturday.

- The Steelers were competitive for the 1st half, but were blown out in the 2nd half against the Patriots, who are now 13-0 and face the Jets (3-10), Dolphins (0-13), and Giants (9-4). The Pats should be 15-0 going into the Giants game. They want history, and they very well may get it.

- Hey, Lee Corso, is that a baby arm below your waist, or are you just happy to watch college football? (most will not get that joke)